Arch11 has the distinct advantage of understanding the regional subtleties of Colorado light, weather extremes, history and modern growth patterns. The work of Arch11 actively mediates between the specifics of local sites and the influences of global culture.  We hold a keen interest in the materiality of construction. The weaving of modern spaces and details with traditional materials is revealed in our work. The resulting projects are tactile, exceptionally crafted, and bound to their sites.  Arch11 is skilled at working with individual and institutional clients and regulatory bodies realizing projects to meet their aims. We hold community design reviews in order to gain insight into the needs of those whose lives are part of our work and build consensus by fostering a sense of ownership in the design.

On Sustainability:

We understand environmental stewardship is implicit to architecture. With over thirty combined years of green building technology integration, we continue to investigate the performance of building systems and programs. Recently designed projects are energy self-sustaining. Applied geothermal, photovoltaic, day lighting and other sustainable technologies are continually incorporated in our work. We continue to seek to limit the carbon emissions on our projects through thorough evaluation of the economics of assemblies, the efficiencies of building systems and delivery. We believe that sustainable buildings, in addition to being safe and energy efficient should measure their lives in centuries, not decades.


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