Florence High School

When designing the Florence High School, we aimed to create a forward-thinking building that offers its students the flexibility and freedom to interact with their education experience. Neighborhoods of classrooms for math, science, history and vocational skills grouped around a central outdoor court. This learning “village” and town square concept allow a safe, secure learning environment while modeling a democratic assembly. The court acts as a “town center” for students to interact and extends an indoor multiuse space where events as diverse as graduation ceremonies, cheerleading practice and lunch breaks can be accommodated. Walls of glass blur the distinction between indoors and out, exterior materials wrap to the interiors creating interior streetscapes. The art facility, is celebrated at the core of the central courtyard. State-of-the-art facilities, including a theatre, materials lab and the art studios, are achieved with cost-effective solutions: day-lighting in public spaces, advanced cooling systems, and PV panels that generate a portion of the school’s electrical demand.

Site by Beyond 5280