Sub-Zero Wolf and Cove Showroom at Roth Living Opens in St Louis

The highly anticipated official Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Showroom of St. Louis will open its doors. Without a doubt, the St. Louis location will be a jewel in the network of 35 U.S. showrooms.

Thousands of cars passing by Clayton Road have witnessed the dramatic deconstruction of a tired 1930’s traditional building that has been transformed and elevated with modern design. The innovative facade intersects modern zinc clad structural steel with classic red brick that speaks to the local character of St Louis.

“It would have been less involved to tear down the building and start over”, stated John Thielen, President of Roth Living. Thielen and team felt the Roth Living location should to speak to our brand culture of “preserving what matters.” It felt obvious to make the old red brick building should stay and become extraordinary!

Roth Living with architect of record, Arch 11, set the stage for a design process to focus on the character of the building and how it relates to the surrounding classic St. Louis neighborhood charm. The design team knew they could execute a more relevant building with strong nod to the region’s traditional architectural style. Project designer Claire Jordan stated it best, “We love bringing new life to older buildings. Contrast of the day-light filled showroom with the historic brick structure is a nice little dance between past and present.”

The same philosophy is executed inside the official Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove showroom. As you enter the 5,000 square foot space, kitchen inspiration awaits with a forward thinking approach to a traditional aesthetic. Guests will also see minimal design with an expressive sense of space. Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove appliances are beautifully integrated into the chic cabinetry of Wm Ohs, Downsview and Gegg Design.

Incorporated into the high-design vignettes is a digital concept to enhance the consumer experience. The digital concept encourages consumers to be brave about exploring new possibilities with their design team. Product experts offer visitors a guided tour to customize their appliance collection. Consumers see their curated appliances life size on a 9’ x 16’ digital wall and leave with a picture and product details to bring their dream kitchen to life.

Denise Knoblich, Corporate Vice President of Marketing stated, “Our intent is to facilitate a more collaborative appliance selection and design process. Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove are lifestyle products and should meet the needs of individual clients. We know the showroom will be a source of inspiration.”

Valued contributors to the new St Louis showroom are Arch 11, Boulder, CO based architecture firm, and AJ Brown, St Louis based general contractor.

The Roth Living Showroom is located at 7800 Clayton Road and will be open to the public and design community. Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm and beginning September 14th- Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please visit for more information about upcoming events.

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