Elly Usick

“A second-generation Denver native, Elly comes to Arch11 after an eclectic academic background. While earning both a Bachelors in Environmental Design and Master of Architecture from Montana State University, she also studied mathematics, museum theory, and college teaching. Leaving Montana, she moved to London pursuing a second masters in Art and Visual Culture. In school, she honed hand drawing and physical model-building skills in an attempt to keep the practice alive. She was one of three students to hand-draw her thesis, which centered around the Uncanny. Her work emphasizes conceptual studies, process, and an attention to detail.

In 2018 Elly interned at Tippet Rise Art Center in Fishtail, MT where she fostered a love for the public arts realm. In 2021 she was granted the opportunity to act as a mediator for Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s last temporary installation; L’Arc de Triomphe: Wrapped. These art-world interludes influence her design and the way she interprets the space around her and make her a perfect fit for the Arch11 culture.

In her free time, Elly dabbles in numerous crafts including jewelry and furniture design, watercolor illustrations, and more recently, sewing. She loves to travel and explore where she practices photography and the art of getting lost. And as a self-proclaimed indoor cat, she loves to “cozy up with tea and a good book any day of the week.”

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