Meadow Pavilion

“It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance” -Henry James

Designed as a second home for a family of four, the meadow pavilion houses an extensive collection of contemporary American art.

Sited atop a 130 acre meadow outside of Steamboat Springs, the house is composed of a simple bent bar adjoining a square pavilion. The bar houses the family bedrooms at one end and through a short, covered outdoor “porch” a two bedroom guest quarters at the other.

On the lower level resides a game room, yoga area, art storage space, as well as guest living room and kitchen. The land is sculpted to allow outdoor space to adjoin all indoor rooms.

The 20’ high pavilion is the “cultural center” of the home, a place for preparing food, dining, living, and gathering.

Beneath the pavilion, a large underground garage affectionately named the “bat cave” houses a collection of sixteen vintage sport cars.

The house is designed to employee geothermal heating coupled with an array of thermal and photovoltaic solar panels to offset 100% of its energy costs.

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