6th Street House

Two generative ideas weave together to create this house: first, the building envelope limits imposed by the local zoning code and expressed in the house’s outward form and second, an investigation into the client’s interest in questioning the notion of domestic privacy.

The result is a series of spaces folding and twisting; reorienting one from the established order of the street and gaining views of the nearby park and mountain formations. The zinc-clad, folded form recalls origami with the creases and surfaces pulled open to allow light to enter or views to be gained. The folds in the envelope are expressed inside with revealed creases in the plaster detailing highlighted by glass panels washing daylight across wall surfaces, allowing glimpses of sky and full views of the nearby Flatirons formation. Inside the home, very public with very private spaces are unexpectedly juxtaposed allowing glimpses from each into the other. The unexpected placement of private function: the master suite hovering above the entry, and a glimpse into the master shower from the home’s main stair, question normative notions of public and private.

This 3000-square-foot, four-bedroom home features a super-insulated building envelope which removes all thermal bridging in the frame. Materials were chosen for durability, low maintenance, and in the case of the zinc panels, for their sympathy with the act of folding.

As a model of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), the design, engineering and contracting process leveraged building information technology to optimize delivery time, construction costs, and collaboratively detailed the project.

AIA Colorado Denver Chapter Merit Award 2013
Curbed | A Modern House in Boulder, Built From Scratch | May 2016

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