Baseline Lake House

The Baseline Lake House overcomes the limits of a challenging site.

Limited by setbacks that required relief through a variance processes, built on a hill with unstable and expansive soils and with a very tight budget, the house embodies our commitment to find poetic solutions by thorough examination of project constraints.

Hovering above a Front Range reservoir with views to both the Flatirons and Indian Peaks, this house acts as a frame for the spectacular view. The roof, designed to support a sedum garden, blends into the landscape when viewed from the homes above and is profiled as a formal response to the distant ridges. Simple finishes, such as polished concrete, white oak and plaster, lend an austere, almost Shaker-like sensibility to the spaces. The broad south terrace effectively extends the interiors while providing a calculated overhang which blocks the summer sun while admitting ample winter light into the house.

AIA Colorado North Chapter Citation Award 2012

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