The renovation and addition to a craftsman bungalow afforded an opportunity to weave modern space and technologies with traditional building methods.

The design provides a clear distinction between the historic, original shell and the new space. While maintaining the lines and materials of the original exterior, Arch11 inserted a thoroughly modern interior and second-story addition to the original home. The main floor is a loft-like continuum of living, dining, and kitchen spaces. In place of the historic craftsman bay window, a wall of glass punctuates the dining space and extends the interiors into the mature garden. Care was taken to respect the historic massing of the existing residence.

The original home suffered water damage and the entire interior has been rethought. Douglas fir, like that in the historic home, was used in all new casework with clean, modern lines. The contrasting, simply formed, second-story addition is set to the rear of the house. To avoid further loading the inadequate stone foundation of the original house, the second story sits upon six slender steel columns delicately threaded through the house to new foundation points. The second story is programmed as office, roof deck, and master suite. Each room has modern bands of historically proportioned windows affording views of the mountains to the west and the distant eastern plains.

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