Observatory Park

Located near Denver’s Observatory Park, this modern residence blurs the boundary between home and landscape.

Working in a neighborhood of sprawling post-war ranch houses, the massing strategy of this home takes scale cues from its neighbors and establishes two crossed volumes; one grounded, the other hovering above the landscape. The floating volume houses the home’s private functions—bedrooms and baths—while the grounded piece holds communal functions of living, eating and gathering.

Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls allow seamless passage from the indoor public realm to the private backyard gardens and pool area. A great outdoor lounge and kitchen is protected by the underbelly of the floating master bedroom volume above. Cedar screens modulate afternoon light and heat gain in the living space. The house is clad in a natural, muted palette of warm wood, brick, and stucco allowing the changing light of day to shape each space.

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Arch11 — Boulder
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Arch11 — Denver
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