Vergence House

Set at the base of the folded geology of the Rocky Mountains, the Vergence House is sited like a geologic erratic, a stone-like piece of origami using the sun above and earth below to provide power and regulate the home’s temperature.

The concept of “geological vergence” informs the exterior, interior spaces, and details throughout the home. Designed for a young family of four, it fulfills their yearning to reveal the question of: what a home is and create an explicit sense of belonging.

Placed on the site of a prior house in ruin, Vergence House’s scale and massing is in keeping with the historic neighborhood while presenting innovative form and function. It responds to the light, air, views, and spirit of the site; it belongs nowhere else. Using the sun above and earth below to provide power and regulate the home’s temperature, the home is built to last centuries, from limestone, basalt, and Accoya wood. While presented with a complex program, the house was to support rest, work, play, and “produce all its own power and protein.” The latter is achieved in an advanced aquaculture system in the lower level of the home. The former through a ground-based heat pump and 14Kw photovoltaic system integrated flush to the stone cladding on the roof, resulting in a near net-zero energy use home.

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