Kristin Wynne
Interior Designer / Senior Associate

A Chicago native, Kristin pursued a Bachelor of Elementary Education at Calvin College in Michigan before receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago. Her Interior Design experience began with high-end residential work, focused on development of high-profile Chicago North Shore homes. Through college and into the beginning of her professional development, Kristin also worked in the service industry, waiting tables and tending bar at a wide variety of restaurants, and developed a passion for the hospitality industry. As a full-time interior designer, she joined 555 International, an award-winning design, development and custom fabrication firm responsible for many of the great restaurant interiors in Chicago along with global retail design. During her four years at 555, Kristin oversaw the design department and developed projects for high-profile, hospitality-driven clients.

Kristin and her husband moved to Colorado in 2017 to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in the mountains and enjoying year-round outdoor activities while pursuing career goals in a dynamic market. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, skiing and mountain biking. She is an avid smiler and loves to entertain.

Arch11 — Boulder
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Boulder, CO 80301
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Arch11 — Denver
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